Afternoon Basket for Spices

I cleaned and organized our pantry today. We have these specialty salts and spices that had ended up buried and impossible to find so I decided they needed their own basket to keep them visible and orderly.

I searched the house for any unused container - clean candle jar, small cardboard box, anything of approximately the right size - and came up empty handed. So I decided to make one! I grabbed some wood craft sticks for stability that I cut in not-equal halves (to fit the size of the bags) and some size 3 cotton twine. 

With the twine and a size D hook I started by crocheting a rectangular granny squ.....rectangle. 

It was around this time that Kitty decided she needed to help; unfortunately this involved knocking all my craft sticks on the ground and under the couch cushions. I love her anyway.

I crocheted some tall sides and slid the sticks inside. I cut enough sticks for 3 rows but decided 2 was plenty - mostly because this project was already adding up to take up my entire day. So much for an afternoon project; I didn't finish until 10 at night. By this time I had committed myself so I powered through and finished it up.  I wove rows of ribbon around the box for decoration and additional structure.

This POS really took me all day? Pffffth.
All loaded up!

I'm silly and this is how I spend my days. Making tiny boxes to organize specialty salts in my cupboard.


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