S.O. Enchiladas

Reason #134 to wish you were me: my S.O. makes the most amazing enchiladas. Like, amazeballs amazing enchiladas. And now, because I have a blog, I am going to share his secret recipe with you!! My followers are so lucky.

Gather 1 bell pepper (either red or green), 2-3 serrano peppers (depending on desired heat), 5 roma tomatoes, 1 onion, and 8-10 garlic cloves. Clean and chop the bell pepper and the onion; leave the paper on the garlic cloves. Throw all ingredients on a roasting pan and broil until starting to blacken, about 10-15 minutes but keep a close eye; try not to overdo the garlic.
I forgot to take a picture so here's an internet example.

With tongs, take out each ingredient and set aside; clean the serranos and garlic. Throw it all in the blender and pulse a couple times to cut up, then blend well. Salt to taste, starting with few tsps; blend, taste, repeat. If you have some fresh limes lying around I recommend squeezing in some of the juice.

At this time start browning the beef, about half a pound. You don't want to over-stuff the tortillas! Season with taco seasoning as it cooks. Once browned, stir in 2-3 tbs enchilada sauce.

You should have enough to fill about 9 tortillas. If you briefly warm them in the oven at 400 degrees it will take less oil to cook them. If you put them in cold they soak up crazy oil quantities. So after warming, cook corn tortillas till bubbly in a light amount of oil. Get out a 9x12 baking dish and fill one at a time. In your baking dish you'll lay out one tortilla and start with one or two spoons or beef, then 2 spoons sauce, roll up, repeat.

Top with many spoons enchilada sauce and shredded cheese.

Broil for 3-5 minutes but watch close as always when broiling. Three minutes will have gooey cheese, five minutes is more crisped cheese - so whatever your preference ;)

We top with diced black olives, homemade pico, sour cream, and cilantro.

To make the pico de gallo is super simple! Just make sure you do it in advance so it has time to sit for the flavors to blend. I like to make a small fresh batch each time. That way it gets used up and doesn't get weird sitting in the fridge; remember, since it doesn't have preservatives its shelf life is much more limited. I use one roma tomato and just a few slices of onion; I prefer to use red, but this time only had yellow so I didn't put in quite as much. Dice these up fine and throw in a bowl. Next dice up one serrano, about a tbs of fresh cilantro, and one or two garlic cloves. Add to the bowl with the tomatoes. Squeeze some fresh lime juice on top then stir; cover and refrigerate for at least an hour, preferably more!

Best thing to do with leftover pico de gallo? Baked eggs the next morning! In a bowl whisk one egg and one egg white, leftover pico, and 1 tbs milk or cream. Butter two small ramekins and pour in the egg mixture. Bake at 375 for about 15 minutes or until set; then I like to add a little cheddar to the top and broil a couple minutes until the cheese is just starting to crisp. Dab a little sour cream on top if you wish, and voila!
Breakfast is served!


  1. Stephen loves Enchiladas! I am for sure going to have to try this! BTW I love your blog Amy! I can't wait to see what fun ideas you have to post next!

  2. Thank you! I'm having a lot of fun with it :)


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