Super Bowl Approacheth!

In absolute honesty, my caring about the Super Bowl is limited at best. But my boyfriend and father care very much so last year I took advantage and put together a football spread. It was fun and, most importantly, super delicious. As I prepare for this year's Super Bowl I'm thinking about recreating the same dishes and making this spread a tradition. Then I realize....I never wrote down my recipes :(  I have this picture to go off of. Chili con Queso, Swedish meatballs, teriyaki chicken wings, grilled potato chips that were a major fail, guacamole, salsa, and of course chips for dipping. Oh and chex mix I think.

Did I make it up? Did I use recipes I found online and if so, did I save them? Are the recipes from any of the dozens of books on my shelves? I don't know!!

I guess I'm winging it. I'll update you. I might do pulled pork in place of chicken wings. I JUST DON'T KNOOOOOOOW


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