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Beautimous Beltane!

Happy Beltane everybody!

We celebrated on Sunday by having my mom over and eating food - the best way to celebrate all things. Our menu included: ~Chicken stew
~Beet buns, both gluten-free and gluten-full
~Salad with peach vinaigrette
Prep began on Friday when I started the broth for the stew. I've covered in my blog before how I make broth, but to recap: throw a bunch of veggie butts and chicken bones into a slow cooker, cook forever. Not only is making your own broth simple, but it's far healthier than store-bought and provides a unique and complex flavor to everything you make with it, from risotto to soup to...other stuff. This will serve as the base for our stew.
On Friday I also prepped the beets, mostly to see how much I would get out of what I had so I would know if I needed to buy more. I got about 1.5 cups out of 5 pretty small beets, which is a hair short but enough to work with. I started by peeling and spiralizing them (also previously discussed in my bloggo) the thi…

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