CSA Week 2

Aawww shiiieeeeet this week's CSA is the bomb diggiddy, yo! It's so sick I've travelled backwards in time to 1998!

Mesclun salad mix, Shiitake mushrooms, Strawberries, Purple Asparagus, Spinach, and White Turnips.

I'm already getting ideas. The turnips will probably be braised with honey and butter...or I could make a potato-turnip gratin with the sweet potato I've got laying around...

Purple asparagus is more tender and sweeter than green (and potent in antioxidants!). I'll probably roast it; so simple and my absolute favorite way to eat asparagus, though because they're already less fibrous they can be easily overcooked. I've heard some people say they're even best when eaten raw...maybe I'll try that!

Shiitake mushrooms - YUM! This one I'll have to cook for myself tomorrow, James is not a mushroom fan. I could make miso or udon soup, of course, or maybe a pasta and cream sauce, or I could just saute them with garlic and onions with toast.



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