Pepperoncini Corned Beef Dinner

This is what I served last night and yes, it was pretty delish. If you're a fan of heat you may want to spice this up a bit, but that pepperoncini does have a slow build. The recipe was inspired by the r/slowcooking subreddit (if you don't know what I'm referencing, check out and kiss your free time goodbye). The folks there were using chuck roast, which would also be delicious, and making it into sandwiches with Italian herb aioli. I decided to go a little more Irish with it.

I took corned beef brisket and cut a pouch in the center, into which I stuffed a bunch of sliced garlic - about four cloves, I believe. I then stuck the brisket in my slow cooker, topped with another four cloves sliced garlic, seasoned with salt and pepper, and added a 16oz jar of pepperoncini with juice. I added some water to make sure the meat was covered, then cooked on low for 7 hours.

When I felt there was about an hour left in the cooking I took the brisket out and cut off the excess fat. If you've worked with corned beef before then you'll know - that's a lot of fat. The meat was still a little tougher than I wanted it, so I sliced the beef into approximately one ounce slices, put back in the cooker, and cranked it to high. It ended up cooking another almost two hours.

In the meantime I caramelized some onions with just a pinch of brown sugar and roasted some cabbage. To roast the cabbage I slice it into rounds, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, then cook at 400 degrees for 30 minutes or so. Depends on the size of the slices, I usually start checking it around 20 minutes and sometimes go as long as 45 minutes.

To serve I laid a bed of cabbage, placed 4 slices on top, then topped with the caramelized onions. Yeah. It was good. Jim made a simple mustard dipping sauce, essentially just by combining different mustards, that really rounded it out. Served with a spinach & romaine salad with homemade honey-mustard vinaigrette.

5/5 would make again. The whole meal came to only 350 calories!


  1. Oh my gosh it looks AMAZING!! You and Jim are such good cooks and I can't wait to see more :)

  2. Thank you!! I'm hoping to show how easy most of what we make really is :)


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