Poor Man's Pesto

Tonight was a leftovers kinda night. I had leftover plain spaghetti and some fresh basil that needed to get used up soon. Pesto is the obvious call, but I don't have any pine nuts - which are $15 a pound. So I decided to see how pesto would taste without the nuts!

I got out my food processor, threw in the basil - probably about 2 cups worth - 1/2 cup parmesan, 4 sliced garlic cloves, and 1/3 cup olive oil...quantities are give or take, I'm estimating here. Throw in a dash of salt and blend away. I reheated the spaghetti with just a touch of olive oil
then threw it all together. I grated a little extra parmesan on top of our bowls 'cause why not, then ate it up way too fast.

Verdict: the pine nuts definitely make a difference in texture and flavor and help soak up the olive oil. But it was still incredibly delicious; next time I might try adding almonds, like a romesco sauce, and see how it comes out. My guess? Delicious.

My other project today was to use my new Christmas serger!! Today was my first real chance and I was so excited. It's a Brother 1034D and I am as happy as....as....um....something that's really happy. I crocheted a purse out of green suede yarn that my sister gave me and my first serger project is to sew the lining. I am so in love with this yarn. I wish suede yarn was still a thing!! AAARRRRGH! 
The purse! I wish you could touch it. It's fabulous.

Serger next to the lining fabric
And just for fun, here's kitty napping!


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