CSA Happiness!

I'm alive!

You probably knew that, but I thought I should announce it since I haven't posted in almost two years. I have eaten some delicious foods in that time, foods that you will never know about - you poor lost souls. But now I have new inspiration - I finally signed up for a CSA!

CSA is Community Supported Agriculture. It's basically where the farmer's market comes to your door, and it's a lot of fun. I've wanted to do one for years, but the main inhibitor was cost. It's no more expensive than going to the farmer's market for all your veggie needs, but it's a lot more expensive than going to Winco for all your veggie needs.

I chose Rogue Produce as my CSA of choice. I like how customizable it is, and the fact that they source from a wide variety of local farms. For signing up in the month of April, I got a free gift with my first delivery!

Yum Yum!
The rest of the delivery was made up of delicious winter greens - spinach, red leaf lettuce, pea shoots, fresh oregano, bok choy, and red radishes. For me, the funnest part of getting a CSA basket is not knowing what will be in it, and then getting creative to use up those veggies!

On the less creative side, there will obviously be some salads in our future. But I want to explore beyond that. My first small dish was tacos. James had to work until pretty late and then we did a grocery run, so I wanted something that would be quick and easy when we got home. I started by slow cooking a pork shoulder I had defrosted the day before. It cooked for about 8-9 hours on low in a light broth cut with apple cider cider vinegar; this helps break down the meat so it's extra tender and moist. I kept the seasoning light with just S&P, garlic and onions, because I want the pork to be versatile leftovers.

For the tacos I cooked up some serrano pepper, then threw in the pork and added lime juice. I made a slaw to go on top, and here's where some of the CSA goodies come in; I finely sliced radishes and bok choy, then added cilantro, green onion, serrano pepper, lime juice, and a light sprinkle of salt. It sat for about half an hour while I put away groceries and prepared the tacos.

It was crisp, crunchy, and just the slightest bite from the radishes and the serranos. I have no pictures of the final tacos because I was too busy eating them. I topped the tacos with pea shoots - if you've never tried them, I highly recommend it! They're from TerraSol Organics and have been a staple in our household for years. The sunflower shoots they sell are also super delicious, and they all pack a powerful nutrient punch!


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