Kitchen Witch

James woke up with a nasty head cold. I hopped out of bed and started throwing together a vitamin packed dynamite chicken soup, full of fresh CSA veggies and nutrients to make him better. I was going to be gone all day, but my love could stay behind and nurture him.
Onions, garlic, carrots, cauliflower, baby bok choy, fresh thyme - all from Rogue Produce

To me, this is the heart of being a Kitchen Witch. It isn't rituals and altars, it isn't lighting the right colored candle at the right hour and whispering carefully chosen words above its flame. That's all well and good, and something I do on occasion; but it isn't the core of what feeds me spiritually.

It's practicality. Frugality. Home and Hearth. It's standing in the kitchen, still in your underwear, throwing vegetables in a crock pot because a loved one is sick.


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