Easy Melon Ice Cream

In this week's CSA was a strange beast, and I should have taken a picture before cutting her up. Looked like a squash, but it smelled very melon-y. It was incredibly soft. I cut it open and the flesh was a very light orange. I did a little research, and it's a "Orange-fleshed Honeydew" - which is actually a cross breed between a muskmelon and a honeydew!
Internet Rendition

The internet seems to be a big fan of this melon. Its flesh is incredibly tender, and its flavor a true blend between cantaloupe and honeydew. Market testing has found it to be superior in taste and nutritional value, particularly in its beta carotene content. I, however, found myself to not be a fan. It was ok, but it was almost too mushy in texture, and the flavor was like a washed-out version of cantaloupe. My reaction was "Meh". It's possible this just wasn't a great specimen, but nonetheless - I was underwhelmed. I spooned out the innards and stuck them in the fridge, fully intending to eat them over the next few days. It was, after all, still a fresh melon worth eating.

Then I got an idea - ice cream!! Using it in ice cream renders the texture moot, and the flavor will be boosted by the many cups of sugar. We don't have an ice cream maker, so I turned to the internet for inspiration. I followed this recipe.

Verdict: DELICIOUS!! This was so easy to make, and an absolute fabulous way to use melon. I will definitely be tapping this recipe in the future if I have over ripe or unwanted fruit.

I may try out some of the other recipes I saw. This one uses raw egg, which I don't mind - we have wonderful fresh eggs from our CSA - but there were others that used sweetened condensed milk instead. It will be fun experimenting!


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