Greek Olive Chicken

I apologize, my dear loyal followers, for my recent absence. I was housesitting for a couple weeks but have now returned home and cooking and crafting away!

Here at House Eudemonics we love olives, artichokes, feta, capers, hummus...we're fans of the Mediterranean food. One of my favorite go-tos when we need a quick, flavorful, and stupidly healthy dinner is Olive Chicken. It always starts with chicken and green olives, then whatever Mediterranean ingredients we have laying around thrown in. This can be artichokes, capers, feta, kalamata olives, sun dried tomatoes - whatever's in the kitchen that strikes your fancy! For seasoning I like to use sea salt, black pepper, red pepper flakes, oregano, parsley, thyme, and rosemary. But feel free to mix it up, of course - other traditional Mediterranean seasonings include basil, cilantro, coriander, chives, fennel, ginger, mint, sage, and saffron. It can then be served on pasta, bulgur, or couscous.

The first step is of course to chop up a chicken breast and throw it in the skillet with some olive oil. Season with the spices of your choosing then add some chopped onion. When the chicken is white add some minced garlic, then let everything brown. Once the chicken is a nice beautiful brown, throw in half a cup or so of white wine and scrape up all the browned bits at the bottom. Let simmer.

Olives! Chop 'em up!
Now throw in some sliced or chopped olives and any other ingredients you may be adding. Sadly we only had olives today. Add juice from half a lemon, then let the wine simmer away while stirring so it doesn't stick. If serving with bulgur or couscous I like to stir it in (already cooked) at this point - I used bulgur today.

For some crispy garlic bread I cut a Dutch crunch roll in half and buttered, oregano'd, and garlic'd it up.

Broil for only a couple minutes.

Delicious and healthy! Your calorie count will change depending on your ingredients, but this version only has 200 calories a serving - so you can feel free to pile it on your plate, and you will want to!

One of the many pretty kitties I babysat


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