Kitchen Surprise: Chicken Stew Edition

Sorry for the long wait, but we had to eat up all those Superbowl leftovers. Took all week! Today it is finally raining and that has put me in the mood for stew. Unfortunately groceries are low so I'm going to have to get creative up in here!

Is kitty meat delicious?

Luckily I have some old chicken bones frozen waiting to be made into a broth. So I filled my dutch oven with water and threw in some bones, onions, garlic, and a bay leaf. Normally I would also do carrots and celery but I'm all out. I stuck that in the oven at 300 to slow cook a few hours. If I had been planning this ahead I could have done it at a lower temperature for significantly longer to get some of that marrow out, but I'm throwing this together at 2 in the afternoon so it's a little bit rushed.

About an hour before serving time I strained the broth so that all was left was the liquid gold. Bones and veggies get tossed. I gathered up the rest of the veggies I could find; fresh onion, garlic, and a sweet potato. that it? A little disappointed in the stew's lack of substance I decided to dump in a can of diced tomatoes and a can of kidney beans. Fiber! Now it's at least got a little body to it. I also defrosted some frozen chicken breasts that I totally forgot I had. That was a close one, this was almost vegetarian! *Gasp*

I chopped up the veggies and the chicken. In a little olive oil I saute the chicken until starting to brown, then added the onion and garlic. I seasoned with 1 Tbs chili powder, 1/4 tsp red pepper flakes, and a light dash of salt. Sauteed a few more minutes, then threw it all plus the sweet potato into the crock pot broth.

Let that simmer for about 30 minutes at 350 or until the sweet potato is soft. How could I not serve it with some crusty herbed bread? Grab some nice bakery bread and brush with olive oil or butter that has oregano, thyme, and basil stirred in. Rest directly on rack with a pan underneath to catch accidental cheese droppings; broil till crispy, about 3. Optional: top with cheese and broil another minute! I used Monterey Jack.


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